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18½ is a historical fiction Watergate thriller/comedy feature film

Director Dan Mirvish's award-winning 70s Watergate thriller/comedy stars Willa Fitzgerald, John Magaro, Vondie Curtis Hall, Catherine Curtin, Richard Kind, Sullivan Jones, Alanna Saunders, Claire Saunders and the voices of Ted Raimi as Gen. Al Haig, Jon Cryer as H.R. Haldeman and Bruce Campbell as President Richard Nixon. After an award-winning run of 20 film festivals, the 18½ is coming to a theater near you in Summer 2022. 

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18½ has played at over 20 festivals around the world.

18½ has played at the following film festivals:

Woodstock Film Festival - World Premiere

Manchester International Film Festival – United Kingdom Premiere (WINNER - Best Director)

São Paulo International Film Festival - International Premiere 
Tallgrass Film Festival - Midwestern Premiere (WINNER - Jury Prize - Stubbornly Independent Award for Best Narrative Film)

Rome International Film Festival - Southern Premiere - (WINNER - Special Jury Award for Creative Vision)

Barbados Independent Film Festival – Caribbean Premiere (WINNER - Founders Award)
Cinequest Film Fetival – California Premiere (OPENING NIGHT FILM)

Gijon International Film Festival (Spain) - European Premiere

Whistler Film Festival (Canada) - Canadian Premiere
Lake County Film Festival - Illinois Premiere
Belize International Film Festival - Belize Premiere
St. Louis International Film Festival - Missouri Premiere
Anchorage International Film Festival - Alaska Premiere (WINNER - Runner Up/Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature)

Big Muddy Film Festival – Southern Illinois Premiere (OPENING NIGHT FILM)

Kamloops Film Festival – South-Central British Columbia Premiere
Oxford Film Festival – Mississippi Premiere
Cleveland Film Festival – Ohio Premiere
Phoenix Film Festival – Arizona Premiere



To this day, no one knows who erased the 18½-minute gap in the Nixon Watergate tapes or why they were erased. Once the gap was discovered Nixon's presidency quickly unwound.

The film 181⁄2 is historical fiction. None of the main characters seen in the movie ever existed. That said, the 181⁄2-minute tape heard in the film are based on contemporaneous Nixon tapes and the historical record since that time. Sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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