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Public Libraries

You can now watch 18½ at your friendly neighborhood library in one of two ways!  The new Special Edition DVD is now available at over 422 local libraries across the US and Canada. Additionally, thousands of libraries have the full film available streaming through Hoopla. Check the map below for cities, towns and counties that might carry the Special Edition DVD. And check your local library to see if they have the film on Hoopla or refer to this map. And if your library doesn't carry the film, please ask your friendly librarian to order one.

To order a DVD for your academic (university, college or high school) library, go here.

To see if your local library has the film itself on Hoopla, refer to this interactive map: (note not every library with Hoopla may have 18½, and the Hoopla version is just the film itself, and does not include any of the bonus features that are found on the Special Edition DVD.) 

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